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Explore the Final Frontier
Explore the Final Frontier
Immerse Yourself in the New World
Immerse Yourself in the New World

Destination America designs and operates all-inclusive Private Label Series and Custom Motorcoach Guided Vacations throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.

Leading tours and travel companies tap into Destination America’s full range of services to plan and operate Private Label Series and Custom Group Motorcoach Guided Vacations, reaping the benefits of its outstanding reputation for providing great service, unbeatable value, and reliability.

  • Visiting North, Central & South America
  • Custom Motorcoach Guided Vacation Services
  • Private Label Series Guided Vacation Services
  • Variety of Guided Vacation Styles

Founded in Los Angeles, California in 1990, Destination America quickly earned a reputation as experts in the United States’ most popular cities and famed National Parks. Their outstanding quality and unparalleled service includes comprehensive choices of guided vacation styles, varied transportation alternatives, knowledgeable tour directors, and a wide range of hotel options, dining and cultural venues. Destination America’s creative products combine a locations well-known attributes with local secrets and specialties providing unforgettable and authentic travel experiences. Today, Destination America plans and operates guided vacations in North, Central and South America and is a member of the United States Tour Operators Association, IATAN, the United States Travel Association, the National Tour Association and the American Bus Association.

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Madhvi Buch, CEO

“At Destination America we are constantly focused on ensuring that we service and support the world’s leading international travel companies in the best possible way so that the guests that travel with them have the most amazing experiences possible.”