Grand Canal, Venice - Italy
A Renaissance in Our History
An Old World that Brought Forth the New
Welcome to Europe

Europe Symbolises a Renaissance in Humanity’s History. Art, culture, science, peace and war all encompass its many countries and cultures. Listen to the stories told of passion, betrayal, forbidden love and a new thirst to share knowledge by some and keep it hidden by others. Europe is an echo in time that shaped our future. Will it be where your story begins?

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From walking the same cobbled streets in Florence that the great Leonardo Da Vinci once roamed, to looking up in awe as you enter the Cathedral of the Holy Chalice that the Kings and Queens of Valencia once prayed in, Europe has so many hidden stories that our award-winning brands are experts in helping you discover. Nothing is left hidden as we reveal Europe in its truest and most beautiful form.


Adventure World

Embrace your adventurous spirit and revel in the excitement and passion of adventure travel in Europe.

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Brendan Vacations

Experience Scotland & Ireland in it's most authentic form when we take you personally.

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Enjoy the freestyle spirit of Europe.

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Contiki Holidays

This is your moment. This is our passion. Explore Europe with no regrets.

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Creative Holidays

Create the perfect european holiday your way.

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Evan Evans Tours

Experience sight-seeing day tours in the United Kingdom and be inspired by the culture and history that encompasses you.

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Grand European Travel

Allow us to help you discover Europe through our expertly guided tours.

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Haggis Adventures

Discover the sexy and wild side of Scotland.

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Insight Vacations

Travel through Europe on the world's finest escorted journeys.

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The Red Carnation Hotel Collection

Welcome to your European home away from home.

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Shamrocker Adventures

Experience Ireland's many flavours and seek adventure in a unique guided setting.

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Siva Travel Services

Explore the ancient beauty of Greece.

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Become a true European insider and discover it's hidden treasures in every city and landscape that you explore.

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Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection

Explore Europe in authentic Six-Star elegance. Allow our luxury cruise lines to enhance the pleasures of Europe in all its romantic wonder.

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Highland Explorer Tours

Discover the true beauty of Scotland and relive the history of this special land.

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New Horizons Holidays

Uncover the mysteries of Europe.

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