Our Partners Enhance Your Travel Experiences

We are proud to partner with some amazing individuals. Our partners introduce you to the wonders of the world through some of our best brands, help change lives, and in some cases help us raise awareness for the importance of responsible travel. We are proud to partner with like minded people that follow the same passions and drive that we do.

Lisa Ray

Get up close and personal with Lisa Ray as she discovers the wonders of India with Insight Vacations.

Insight Vacations the leader of premium and luxury escorted journeys, is thrilled to announce Bollywood star and philanthropist, Lisa Ray as its new Global Brand Ambassador for the Exotics and Gold Collections. Lisa’s immense passion for travel, living life to the fullest and vibrant personality has enabled her to create an engaging online audience which continues to grow with her curated content.

“I’m pleased to be ‘Insight Vacations’ first ever Global Brand Ambassador since I’ve been an avid traveller and nomad for most of my life – having lived in several continents  – yet, my recent experiences with Insight have given me a unique perspective on travel.”
-Lisa Ray

Lisa is an internationally acclaimed film actress, TV host, entrepreneur and humanitarian. She began her career in Mumbai when she was catapulted into a high profile modelling career at the age of 16. named one of the ’10 Most Beautiful Indian Women of the Millennium’ by a Time of India poll, she heightened her profile as an iconic figure in India before leaving for drama school in London and other opportunities around the world.

Lisa starred in Canada’s Oscar-nominated film, ‘Water’, amongst other prestigious credits. For the past four seasons, she was also the host of ‘Top Chef Canada’.

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The Buried Life

Follow the adventures of the Buried Life crew as they hit the road with Contiki, change lives and live with no regrets.

Contiki is thrilled to announce its exciting new partnership with Los Angelas-based MTV Stars, The Buried Life. In 2006, the foursome made a list of ‘100 Things To Do Before You Die’ and for every list item they accomplished, they helped a stranger do something on their list. Since then, they’ve crossed off ‘Make a TV Show’ (produced 26 MTV USA episodes which aired in 110 countries), ‘Write a #1 New York Times Bestselling in Book’, ‘Play Ball with President Obama’ and ‘Outfit a Teenage Girl with her First Bionic Arm’. Along the way, they’ve encouraged millions to believe that anything is possible.

“This is a genuine collaboration since we share similar values of living life to the fullest and a call to adventure so Contiki is aligning with The Buried Life to finish off their bucket list and experience our EPIC trips around the globe. We’re absolutely thrilled to share this journey with these four inspiring young individuals who have created a loyal online community to join forces and help more people fulfill their dreams.” 
-Marie Anne MacRae, VP Partnerships

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Céline Cousteau

Journey with Céline Cousteau as she works with the TreadRight Foundation and Contiki to help protect our planet and help lead the way towards educating on the importance of Responsible Travel.

Contiki Holidays is pleased to announce its ongoing partnership with environmentalist, adventurer and world explorer, Céline Cousteau,  Céline is the granddaughter of world renowned Jacques Cousteau and the daughter of ocean explorer and filmmaker, Jean-Michel Cousteau. Since 2011, Contiki Holidays has joined with Cousteau to help their travellers and staff environmental issues, particularly those affecting marine ecosystems.

“As a documentary filmmaker and gifted storyteller, Céline is an inspiring role model and has a fantastic ability to connect with people from diverse cultures. It’s through these stories that she educates and encourages individuals to become responsible global citizens, and to better understand their own natural environments.”  
-Marie Anne MacRae, VP Partnerships

United through common goals of sustainable conservation and ocean advocacy, Contiki will work with  Céline’s guidance to continue building upon the achievements of their current Conservation Foundation Projects.

“I have enjoyed collaborating with Contiki Holidays, their team, and travellers; who are part of the new generation of active citizens making a difference by understanding and protecting the Earth’s resources. The Health of our fragile oceans are key to the well-being of our planet as a whole and Contiki’s choice to help protect the marine environment is a cause which deeply resonates with me.” 
-Céline Cousteau.

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Marie Anne MacRae, VP Partnerships

The Travel Corporation works with some of the most unique and amazing partners who all have remarkable goals that align very much with our own. This passion and drive to succeed in helping people and the world in which we live shows the force for good that can occur when like minded individuals create new things together.”